We believe that anyone with passion, vision and perseverance can have a positive influence on others and the environment. We want to use social and environmental responsibility to help build a more positive world for players, esports, and the entire IT industry.


we are

A team connected by passion for computer equipment and cutting-edge technologies.

We love to tinker with computers, search for new products, and test which components ‘cooperate’ best. Most of all we love to share our passion and help companies by advising and saving their time and money when purchasing equipment.



Our office is located at the Kinguin Esports Performance Center, the largest esports center in the country. Daily contact with esports teams and organizations from the gaming world gives us the opportunity to learn and understand this environment. Thanks to this, our clients can be sure that our equipment is identical to that chosen by top players.

what we do

PC rental

We have built the largest fleet of 150 gaming computers in Poland. On a daily basis, we help esport teams and organizations by being their partner and equipment supplier during the organization of events and tournaments.

personalized PC

We are passionate about building computers. We start each day with a review of the latest information and technological innovations. Gaining the lead through our expertise, we are able to create PC units ideally suited to individual needs, while ensuring that they meet the latest standards.


By working with us, our clients have constant access to our specialist knowledge. Every day, we live up to our promises of providing them with individually selected equipment with full expert support.

we plant forests

In 2021, we started cooperation with the Las Na Forever Foundation ( lasnazawsze.org.pl ). Together, we want to make our country greener. With our help, you not only buy perfectly matched equipment, but also make a real contribution to the afforestation of the planet

and reducing your company's carbon footprint. For each piece of equipment purchased from us, we plant 1 m2 of forest, thanks to which we balance some of the CO2 emissions produced by given PC units during their entire life cycle.

ecological packages

We make every effort to pack our equipment in an environmentally friendly manner. Depending on the needs, we use both biodegradable materials and recycled or reusable ones. We strongly believe that gone are the days when being eco required compromises; nowadays, there are plenty of innovations that allow for good protection of transported goods while taking care of the natural environment.

online documents

We chose the electronic document flow, because it has allowed us to reduce both energy (no printers or scanners) and transport (no taxis, couriers) costs. We know that this solution is not 100% ecological since the use of the Internet also leads to greenhouse gas emissions. That said, we believe that it is the best way to reduce our carbon footprint at the moment.


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