It has been almost 3 years that we’ve been working with Switchit and during this time, we have managed to build a strong relationship, the greatest advantage of which is great communication. The team is extremely competent and open – they are always happy to provide advice and support in the selection of equipment, quick offers and, most importantly, last-minute orders. Order execution is flawless, as is the service in sporadic cases of damage or failure.



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Switchit has proven to be a company perfectly tailored around our needs. We work together on a daily basis to rent a large number of computers, but we also offer full professionalism during our travel projects. Great service, top-level transport security, and adaptation to customer needs.



Kinguin Esport Performance Center

We have been cooperating with Switchit from the very beginning. In the course of this cooperation, we have learned that it is a progressive and flexible team characterized by exceptional expertise and passion. What distinguishes them from the market is extraordinary professionalism and a sophisticated take on action. The perfect business partner for modern companies. We highly recommend them!




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When the world changes, we aren't standing still either. Our equipment ensures efficiency and performance at the top level only. Enter the world level where success is limited by nothing more than your own determination.

We are an IT design company. We specialize in the construction of PC and rental of gaming computers and accessories for esports tournaments and events.

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We have created the largest fleet of over 250 high-performance desktops for professional esports players in this part of Europe. On a daily basis, we support players stationed in the largest esports center in the country, the Kinguin Esport Performance Center.

computers made

for gamers

PC rental

The largest fleet of gaming desktops created especially for professional esports players. Not only do we offer PC rental, but also accessories such as monitors, mice, keyboards, and even gaming tables.

custom PC

We create individually configured desktops that live up to all

expectations. We have long-standing experience in building units for both players and specialists, e.g., in the field of 3D design. On a daily basis, we help our clients by providing them with ready-made workstations.



Gaming events, e-sports tournaments, VR projects or video editing require power. This can only be provided by high performance computers. Our units are equipped with some of the best components available on the market, thanks to which we provide performance that no competition has ever had.

masterful experience

Our fleet has powered the Intel Extreme Masters and the ESL Polish Championships. It has been used by top esports teams from around the world to collect win after win, including at the finals of the Championship division of the Polish Esports League, the Apex Legends finals, or the VALORANT Open Tour. Our custom PCs have been used by organizations such as Anonymo, IzakoBoars, and WK Dzik.

we know the ins and outs of computers, and we know them better than anyone else.

We have long-standing experience in building custom-made computers. Our everyday work consists of assembling units perfectly suited to individual preferences. To build them, we use superior-quality and stable components.

Do you need a PC rental for an event / tournament?

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